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Hydrostatic LeakTesting

  • W-15A Water Detection Paper (pkg of 12)

    W-15A PinPoint White to Green (4" x 8", pkg of 12)W-15A PinPoint Colormetric Paper for Water Leak Detection (4" x 8" no adhesive back, pkg of 12 sheets to a carton). Color changes from white to green. Sensitized sheets can be cut into strips - may be...

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  • WDP-217-15 Water Leak Detecting Paint (aerosol)

    WDP-217-15 Water Leak Detection Paint (12 oz. Aerosol)WDP-217 is an aerosol water leak detector/color change developer, which when sprayed on the points of suspected leaks (joints, welds, connections) forms a white powder.  On contact with even very...

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