C-2M Chlorine Color Change Monitors

C-2M Chlorine Color Change Monitors



Chlorine Area Contamination Monitors C-2M

One package includes 12 disposable monitors for Chlorine with adhesive backing. Color changes from white to yellow. Critical concentration: 1 ppm/15 min.

 • Can be used by anyone. No hygienists or technicians required.• Monitors are immediately ready for use. No activation required. • Cumulative and one time exposure results are easily obtained and tracked. 

ECONOMICAL• Maintenance free - not subject to costly repairs• No expensive analysis equipment required. • Less expensive than other methods. • Versatile: No need for both an air sampler and an exposure meter. 

FAST• Quick reading for evaluation of time weighted average (TWA) exposure. • Unlike other methods, no time consuming calculations are required. • No laboratory analyses are required. • Immediate delivery from stock 

RELIABLE• Field proven over ten years• 90% Repeatability. • Unbreakable - no sensor drift or sample pumps to break  

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