372E-28 Leak-Tec Leak detector for compressed air (4oz)

372E-28 Leak-Tec Leak detector for compressed air (4oz)



372E-28 Compressed Air & Stable Gases (4oz squeeze bottle)
Leak-Tec leak detector for general purposes: compressed air & stable gases. Temp: +35 to 160° F. Corrosion Index: IV. Sensitivity: 1x10 -5cc/sec.

Thin film bubble testing is the most common and one of the most reliable methods of detecting and locating leaks. Thin film leak testing has many inherent advantages: • It is easy to use and requires little operator training.• It is inexpensive to use and not subject to break down like complex instrumentation.• It operates immediately and continues to give indications.• It can be extremely sensitive, finding leaks down to 1 x 10-6 (.000001) standard cc/second. The equivalent of losing a pound of Freon every 2,700 years. 

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